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K-Palette 1 Hour Tattoo Eyeliner Review

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It's nearly 12 o'clock and why in the world am I still awake?  I'm a teacher who's gotta get up early tomorrow, for crying out loud!  But here I am.  And it's all because I love y'all.

I promised a review, hence, I give you a review. :P


Yes!  Review!

K-Palette 1 Hour Tattoo Eyeliner Review

What it claims:
Designed to stay smudge-proof and tear-resistant throughout busy days and nights, this cutting edge formula applies smoothly and dries quickly, producing a weightless, lasting finish that is predictably worry-free.  Packaged with K-Palette's patented micro-fiber brush for precise application.*
It also claims: 

  • Smudge-proof and tear-resistant formula
  • One of Japan's top selling eyeliner
  • Easy to use for quick morning touch-ups and dramatic evening looks
  • Patented micro-fibre brush for precise control
  • Does not penetrate your skin
  • Sensitive eyes safe
  • No reapplication required, Stays on until you are ready to take it off
  • Removed by warm water, No makeup remover required*

5/5  It's a good, solid black color.  It may not be the darkest ink out there, but it does the job well!

Formula Consistency:
5/5  I like how the ink doesn't flake as much as Dolly Wink's liquid eyeliner.  The formula is light but thick enough.  One swipe is all you need, unless you're aiming for a darker hue.  The formula glides smoothly, too, and does not skip.

Ease of Removal:
5/5  Very easy to remove with warm water or make-up remover.  

5/5  The brush is amazing!  It gives very beautiful, calligraphic precision.  I can make thick or thin lines with ease.  And because it is a pen type, there is more control!

Tenacity/Lasting Power:
3/5  It is a great eyeliner!  It remains tenacious with water and gentle rubbing.  However, I am taking off 2 points.  Why?  Because if they claim to be a "24-Hour Tattoo," they better be truthful.  And unfortunately, it would not last me 24 hours.  It fades overtime due to sweat, sebum, tears in the corner of my eyes, or with eye drops.  Hence, touch-up is required.  Other bloggers say that it lasts them, but I guess Guam climate is the ultimate test. :)

Swatch: Observe the thick and thin lines it creates.  The color is good, too.
Test #1: Does not budge by splashing it with water.
Test #2: Removes really easily when rubbing while wet.
Test #3: When dry, if you rub gently, it will not come off.
But with a lot more elbow grease, it will rub off.
Test #4: Since I do use eyedrops and tear from time to time, I tested the eyeliner
with contact lens solution.  It will not come off by just splashing it, but comes off
very, very easily when rubbed.

Other Concerns:
  I got my K-Paletter eyeliner in Japan so I don't know how readily available it is in your nation.  It is available in many online stores but may be pricey depending on the store you shop from.  For example, it is just about $20 in but sells it for only $15.70.  
  I really like it!  And personally I think it is a better buy than Dolly Wink.  I would repurchase it if I find a more reasonably priced one.  It's great, too, when you're on the go!  I would rate it 4/5!

Look of the Day

With Dolly Wink No.10 Sweet Cat false eyelashes.

I like this angle- makes my nose look taller :)

Pardon the background >.<  There's a lot of construction
happening lately, and the best lighting I have is from the
sun.  But yay! for sunny days!  It's been awfully rainy.

I wanted to do a Snow White look because pin-up make-up focuses on eyelining a lot.  But my friend said I look like Alice in Wonderland.  That totally changed how I was seeing this...  Oh well...
But iPhone does my look justice.  Yay!


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