Monday, 1 October 2012

Real Life Sunday, ed. 18

I will make this fast.  I need to do some hw.  T-----T

I'll just post photos, then I'm outta here!

My new holographic nail polish collection that I previously talked about.  I'm done with this
nail polish business!  Any more, and I must vow to open a nail salon.
Crazy hairdo for church.  It's supposed to be effortlessly Bohemian...
like I said "supposed to be."
Had a wonderful heart-to-heart with my sis with TeaPosy blooming tea.
 I wish we do these kind of things more often... 
It felt good to finally domesticate myself and cook some lunch for Ma and me.
I haven't cooked since summer.  :(

Shoot!  I'm logging out, blogging peeps!

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