Saturday, 21 April 2012

Easter Break 2012

Easter break had come and gone...

But check me out making my overdue post!  Heehee! XD
So, yes!  I wasn't a bum.  My plate was pretty full- metaphorically and literally.  Enjoy the pictures!  :D

After 15 years, it still takes my breath away...
It reminds me that the world is my oyster. :)

Cannons from the Spanish acquisition of Guam.

Reminds me of one of my favorite songs: "When the oceans rise and
thunders roar/I will soar with you above the storm/Father, You are King
over the flood/I will be still/Know You are God"

”がんばって” Face!
Getting ready to draw/paint/illustrate

California Pizza Kitchen and Haagen Dazs

Baby Clam Linguine
Yum!  I love the chewiness of the clams and the
creamy, briny sauce.

I wanted the Original BBQ Chicken but my sister
chose this.  Mmm~~  It was good, too.  It wasn't greasy
which I really liked! ^.^

Rich and sweet Macadamia Brittle and waffle cone :9
Sinful, I know!  But so goooooood~

Yup!  That's what's been up!

I also got to read books and committed myself to jogging.  And I'm quite proud to say that I'm still on that track since I've become so unfit during college.  I'll be blogging about that after I see more results.  I'm still pouring over books again ^_________^  Finally!  The only books I read during college were textbooks and scholarly journals T______T  My goodness!

Last but absolutely not the least, Easter took on deeper meanings for me and having the time to meditate and reflect on those had been a great treasure for my life.  I thank the Lord that this heart is healing and this mind is becoming more peaceful :)

Until next time!

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