Saturday, 21 April 2012

Geo Angel Violet Review

These were my first contact lenses along with Geo Honey Wing from Honeycolor.  Actually, the store is having a 10% discount promo right now, so CHECK 'EM OUT!

Anyway, despite my slightly blah feeling today because I am really sleepy and it's so warm, I've been really eager to write this because I promised long ago! ^0^

This should be a well-known edition of Geo circle lenses; I believe it is also pretty old so there should be a lot of reviews out there.  But here we are :)

Geo Angel Violet Review
3/5  The color is not vibrant.  Actually, I think it is a very dark violet, but whenever there is enough lighting, the color will show up.
5/5  I like this design! ^_^  The black limbal ring transforms the eyes and makes them larger and more dolly.  It's not the most natural, though.
3/5  14.0 diameter with dark limbal ring.  There is a larger version of Angels, and certainly that would give you more enlargement.  But this one can still make the eyes slightly bigger- bigger than Geo Wings.  Click  HERE to read my enlargement system. :)
2/5  I really tried to like this... I did.  But it was just UNcomfortable, which was curious since Geos are usually comfortable for me.  Most days, my Angel Violet pair was tolerable but that shouldn't be the case.  They should be always comfortable, I believe.  

I used these lenses for a couple of months, then eventually they became more and more bothersome.  I shouldn't have used them for that long because they may have been a defective pair because one of them eventually tore although I was gentle with them.  I didn't know better...
2/5  Comfort is my priority!  But it may have been just this pair because Honeycolor is a trustworthy store and Geo has been a good and comfortable brand for me.  

So innocent-looking in their cases!


**Whenever you put something in your eyes, if it's uncomfortable, DO NOT FORCE IT!  Beauty should only come second to comfort, especially when it comes to your eyes!**

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