Sunday, 15 April 2012

Things to Come

New posts below this post ^_^

Just one more post before I go to sleep :)

I have a few plans for this blog for the coming weeks.  First of all, I'm aiming that I'll be able to finally blog about my Easter break.  Contrary to what I wrote about about being a couch potato, I actually did some things that made my time productive and worthwhile.  So, I was pretty stoked about that.  I want to share those with you soon.

Secondly, after my fast from buying cosmetics, I'm ready to buy again so I can have items to review.  Yay, finally!  ^0^  I thank God that I survived it!  But I found the fast very healthy for my mind and spirit- where I felt I was not being controlled by my impulses and desires.  It feels healthier when the will overcomes desires.    I also realized that there are things that I don't always need or have to have, despite of what I felt for that moment. ;)  Not to mention, the sigh of relief of my wallet!

Lastly, I want to hold a giveaway soon! I hope by the end of this month...  This giveaway will be based on my current obsession!  *Not going to reveal yet :)  But you can take a guess.*  However, I would like to ask for some pointers about hosting a giveaway.  I am very serious about this and could really use the advise you may have.  Thanks so much!  ^0^

It's getting really late here so I shall post again tomorrow!  Good night!


  1. I love hearing about people's plans for their blogs! I think it's an important thing for people to always think about improving their blog :D

    Man I need to go on a buying fast as well! But I find when I put myself on a spending ban I end up over spending afterwards xD

    1. Yep:) I need to watch out for overspending, too!

      Btw, may I ask you about using Rafflecopter? How does it work?