Sunday, 15 April 2012

Spring/Summer Fashion

^0^ H i   e v e r y o n e!

Sometimes, I feel absolutely silly saying that I have anything affiliated with the four seasons.  You know, Guam has only two: rainy and dry.  Then, there isn't much of a difference in the fashion between the two, except you can wear sweaters in the rainy season because the dry season is becoming smoldering hot, especially within these recent years.  Global warming is REAL, yo! O.o

But, in saying all that---  a girl can dream, no?  I would really want to see spring and fall again someday :)  But I can live without winter...  I'm quite sure of that!

Maxi dresses are so summery ^___^  If you want to
appear instantly elongated and taller, an empire
waist maxi is the way to go.

My summer staple: hats and braids.  The white batwings blouse is
 reminiscent of spring because of the delicate floral details.

Floral details

Yup!  That is all.  :)  I hope this inspires you for the warm days to come.


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