Sunday, 22 April 2012

Why Can't We Be Friends?

Thunk! Thunk! Thunk!

Yup... that's how the dishes sounded like as our server set the 반찬 before my friends and me.

I got together with my friends for a special birthday dinner for one of them and decided to go to S**** **** in Tumon.  We chose it solely for the ambience and the shabu-shabu, which was only $37, which was not a bad price at all considering that other restaurants charge nearly the same price per person. O.o

The food was really good but I think we just got on the wrong foot with the server.  First when she was taking our order, she was telling us that we MUST order two of one of our choices.  Four faces returned her this look:

"Why?" we asked.  "Only one person wants it."  Eventually, she relented.  Then it just went really awry from there.  

Um... she was having a hard time speaking in English and we were having a hard time understanding her.  All these made the situation uncomfortable.  So, I guess... this is my assumption... that's why we had to wave her down several times during the evening for water, for more order, etc.  Actually, when we were asking for another dish on the menu, the manager was the one who attended us.  And as for the water, my friends and I decided to just take the pitcher from the counter- which was right next to us, by the way- and serve ourselves.  It was all pretty awkward...

In conclusion, good food brings good people together! ^_____^ But awkward service drives them away.
Casual look?  I tried to contour my nose... Blah!

When you come in, you'll be greeted by this ^_^

Meat!  Ang Ang :D


Two sets of these :)   So, a total of 12 반찬! ^_^

I liked the bathroom, though :D 

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