Sunday, 1 April 2012

Real Life Sundays, ed. 6

Hi, you guys!  ^_^

Sorry that I've been out for a while, and I think you'd know why if you check out the other posts below.  Thanks for staying tuned, though!  Your support really encourages me to write on!  

These photos aren't really from only one Sunday ^^;;  but an accumulation of what's been up for the past weeks.  Just sharing... ^^✌

Beautiful teacups and a teapot from England.  I see these every Friday
night during Bible study ^____^ 

Sometimes, I just like pointing my camera out into the dark streets
(my sister was driving), and it's really interesting what comes out of it.
Lights speeding by look quite nostalgic...

My take on spring on my class bulletin board.  I so love cherry
blossoms ❀❀❀

Teacher on break :P

Do you know Beard Papa's?  Seriously, if I could have my birthday cake
made out of these things, I would be so happy! ^0^

Happy feet~

Every girl needs nice black pumps.  They look
great with almost everything!

Nail art for the week: pink and black...  Ah!  Cherry blossoms yet again!

Talk to you later! ^_____^  Good night!

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