Sunday, 12 February 2012

Real Life Sundays, ed. 2

Kamusta!  And Привет (sorry, I googled that because I don't know any Russian, except for the really occasional Cyrillic that I understand enough to be able to read T^T)

Lovely Sunday again :)  I just wanted to share a bit with you! ^0^b

At Wendy's with my almost twin!

Baja Salad that I wish they could have
taken the time to make less sloppy... ;)

Check out who's in Yogurtland! =^.^=

My favorite yogurt flavors: coconut and plain tart with my usual lychee,
mochi, cheesecake bites, and almonds :d Yum!

Miniature anthurium in Ma's mother.

Spotted Phalaenopsis

It ain't Easter so this is Eggplant Hunting!

Nice find ^^  I think it's one of Sally Hansen's
new line: Smooth and Perfect.  This is in Sorbet.

Really nice product especially if you have sensitive skin and are lazy. :D
I didn't know about it when I bought it till today when I saw a TV ad
claiming it's the #1 skin care brand in the UK.  Is that true?

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