Monday, 13 February 2012

Lancome Gift

Hi there!

Just a quick post, everyone, so you don't miss your opportunity: I just wanted to inform you about Macy's Lancome promo!  If you get $35+ of purchase, you'll get a 7 piece gift (a $100+ value)!  The gift includes the following of what you see in this photo (but you'd have to choose what you like-- can't have it all, baby :D)

I bought an eye cream in order to get this :D  But don't expect the gift to be in large bottles, ok?  They are sample sizes so everyone can get a piece, I guess... ^^

I think Macy's does ship internationally.  You can check that out for yourself:

If you want to contact them via email:

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Macy's in any way, nor am I officially advertising for them, nor am I being paid to do this.  I am sharing because I am caring (^.~)d

I emailed them about their gift for $68 purchase.  Sadly, they've run out D:

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