Sunday, 19 February 2012

Real Life Sundays, ed. 3

I LIVE!!!! 

I think I should've saved that statement ↑ (yup: up) when I'm actually gone for a long time.
But seriously, I feel good after correcting 10 pounds of paper this weekend that I've let accumulate over the quarter. T_T

Anyway, I have a few photos to share, which I figured has finally become a series because this is the 3rd installment already^^  Officially from this day on, "Real Life Sundays" entries are going to be my weekly photo diary!  *clap, clap*

After a great church service, my family and I headed down to the mall for my work/school showcase for the public.  I made a poster for our team for the event.  I don't mean to brag, but just please allow me to think it was one of the prettiest one there.  Heehee~  We checked out the performances for a bit, then headed to eating lunch and shopping soon after.

I am so blessed^^

I am so blessed with the world's best little sister!  Not a lot of people can
boast that they live with their best friend, nor CAN they live with their
 best friend♥  Anyway, she bought me this because, although I was not so
into the jewelries in the store, I SO ♡ Hello Kitty =^3^=  Thank you, sis!

Ooo.. ah... So かわいい!

I gave this to her.  I didn't want to take a picture and announce
publicly but she insisted... ^^;;


After the mall...
Too lazy to do anything cute or poised...


Yes, that's me with my cat.  I wear thick
@Nerd Inside@

I got freebies!  I like freebies!
It's a good day!

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