Monday, 20 February 2012

Flowers in Photographs

I did some small-scale photography in my mother's garden yesterday❁❁❁, which I wanted to post since last night but I was as sleepy as a 500 pound BEAR in wintertime.  Still feeling beat today because I just finished grading 20 pounds worth of papers @.@ and MAJOR (-______-)zzz 

"Why don't you just sleep, then?" you may ask.

Like, yeah?  But I must spare you from that boredom over there, in that part of the world where you should be doing your homework or thesis or that data your boss told you to finish more than an hour ago!  By the way, thanks for reading!  It really encourages me ^0^♡

So, without further ado!  Treasure sharing time!

Miniature Rose

This is my favorite photo :)  The backdrop
reminds me of a garden in a country that
I've never been to.  It's like a garden from
Alice in Wonderland.


Hi Carrot!

Thai Plumeria

A local ground orchid species.  The blossom
is actually just as tiny as your fingertip, but it
is as proud and joyful as any flower ^_^ 

Dama de Noche (Lady of the Night)
*Sighs* If I could take a photo of its
fragrance, I would so I could show you how
beautiful it is.  The flowers bloom at night,
sending forth the most alluring scent any
flower can muster.

I am so blessed to have my Ma and her love for growing things.  ^♥^  And I can share her passion with you~

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