Tuesday, 2 October 2012

New Prescription and Current Playlist

Hi everyone!  ^____^

I went to the doctor today and had to spend a lot of money on prescription glasses.  I've been having very painful headaches and eyestrain for a few weeks already but have been so stubborn about skipping the doctor and only surrendered today.  :(  Anyway, just a word of advise, please take care of your vision and try not to stare too much at your electronic devices.  My doctor said that eyestrain has become more and more common lately.  I kinda blame my iPhone for mine...  Hehe...  Sadly, my already high prescription has become even higher now: -5.75 and -6.75.  *sighs*  This also means that I would need to also replace my contact lenses...

I wanted to share some of my favorite songs in my playlist at the moment.

My picks are kind of on the melancholy side.  They match the monsoon weather.  :)

I saved the best for last :)

Good night, everyone!

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