Monday, 8 October 2012

The Bucket List

I have a bucket list.  It's printed on my personal Facebook account, which I've currently deactivated.  Haha!

I'm writing this here so that some years from now, I can look back and see how much I've accomplished or how close I am, at least.  And oh!  You can monitor it with me.  ^_^

  1. Tell people around the world about Jesus
  2. Lead praise and worship
  3. Visit and help out a church in Japan
  4. Serve children, fight for their innocence, teach them about hope and thanksgiving, and love them with a heart that understands and accepts
  5. Meet my Syuzi and give her a big hug and a big teddy bear
  6. Write a book, paint a masterpiece, and get a tattoo 
  7. Visit my mother's province back in the Philippines (I've never been there!), see magnetic sand, and have a picnic by the lighthouse at Fatima
  8. Watch and listen to a Jazz performance in a cozy bar/restaurant
  9. If God be willing, have true Hessed (חֶסֶד) with the boy I have dreamt about
  10.  And he and I will make music, laugh, and watch the stars and the waves pound and foam on the shore
Bonus #11: TIM TAM SLAM!!  ^0^  - Mission Accomplished!

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