Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Real Life Sunday, ed. 19

Happy Anniversary to my church!♥♥♥

Yay!  Performances!  Food!  Dancin'!  Parteh!  Adult prom!  The gents, and most certainly, the ladies got really dressed up.  ^-^  For the first time in a long time, I actually felt underdressed!  Wuh-hat???  Can you believe???  Well, you better believe it!

My A-line dress.  My friend, who is a guy, actually helped
me go shopping for this.  Friends like him are the bomb!
Make-up of the Night: drama on the eyes and played down
the lips.
This angel was my hair inspo.  Isn't she simply lovely?! ^0^
Whee! for the last performance of the night.  They did a swell job!
And it didn't hurt that my older sister played the cajon. ^.^ 
Dance!  Dance!  Dance!
I didn't :(  because I'm lame like that...

Going a bit random on the photo timeline here.  Bear with me, ok?

Lunch at Tony Roma's because someone (the girl on the left) won us
gift certificates!  Whoo!  
I did mention that I love retro red lips!  Yes!  Sporting MAC
lipstick in Russian Red! 
Have I ever mentioned that I was a BIG nerd before college?  Then one day, I picked up the paint brush and switched it for a make-up brush.  And voila!  But of course, nerd will always be a part of me.  ^-^
Shhhh....  I cheated here and made my eyes big!  0.0
Coming clean here, folks!  But makes for such a better picture :D
Happy Things!
Raspberry Kit-Kat, anyone?  Verily, verily!  ^-^
You know that you're obsessed when you have two shoebox-ful of nail polishes.
I actually never knew I had this many until I organized them...  I SO had to
stop buying!   :/

I had a terrific week!  (Thank God!)  Even work began to feel better, smell sweeter.  *sigh*  I'm happy and content, and yep!  Even with my nail polish collection.

The church anniversary was also very nice.  It was a new experience for me.  I didn't attend my prom in high school at all, so it was nice to experience something like it.  Hahaha!  But I also found that I feel loneliest in crowded rooms.  Some people thrive in parties, while others, including myself, hide in parties.  It's all preference, really^-^

But I also found that simple dinners and meaningful conversations make my heart smile.  I just came from one tonight.  And my heart smiled.  And it didn't hurt, didn't hurt at all that---.

Well, that's it for tonight!
Good night!
And have a blast for the rest of the week!

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