Monday, 29 October 2012

Real Life Sundays, ed. 20

As sweet music filled the room, as he and I tried to grab for the cup of tea we were sharing, and as our hands slightly touched (by accident, of course!), I couldn't help but try to figure out how could this moment be any more perfect?  

"Ah!  It would be perfect if this dude actually liked me back," I brooded because we are irritatingly stuck in the "Friend Zone."

Then she walked in.  I sat there gawking at her and her legs that came all the way up to her neck.  Tall, slim nose, big brown eyes, and skin without a hint of blemish from ten-feet away.  Super gorgeous girl! "Why now, girl???  Why you come tonight???" and I... slightly died inside.

I looked to my right.  Mr. Friend/Crush- mouth a bit opened.  I couldn't blame him.  Couldn't blame him at all.  At least, he and I can gawk at her in perfect unison.  


So....... there are actually people out there mighty blessed with natural beauty!  Rare breed indeed.  But for the rest of us who are not--- thank You, God, for make-up!  And as to console my uh... wounded heart(?)  pride(?), I have taken my chiyo-est photos of these past 2 weeks and decided to share them with you :)  

Oh ok.. this one is not so chiyo.  I'm not a fan of glasses.
Hey my skin is not bad here!  There are apps out there that
smoothen skin, if you don't already know.  But none here!  Haha!
But I guess it's the low-grade front camera of iPhone that makes
 me look so smooth.  Hehehe!
Sunday's best ^____^

Hehehe!  My soul consoled.  You may think I am so vain.  Haha!  Honestly, sometimes.  *blushes*
My Ma calls it, "Nang-gigil ka naman sa sarili mo."  :)  Can't translate it directly but it's something in the line of thinking myself so cute.  :D


Anywhoots!  This post will not be only about my face!  And here it is!

Went GPO and had a date with myself.  *cries*
Fill up your stamp card and get FREE FOOD!  ^0^
My fat princess: Gen-Gen! =^.^=
My sister in Sunday's best.
My BF in a disc! ♥

To finish up that story about Mr. Friend/Crush and me:

At the end of the open mic, he got up from his seat, opened the door for everyone while bidding them adieu and helping out other musicians haul out drum sets and guitars.  

And he was so kind, even to me.  Throughout the entire evening, if he was not helping others, he would sit with me, talk to me, laugh to the point of almost giggling, and make cutesy faces by scrunching his nose at me.

"Oh, I prayed for one of your students this morning," he said.  "What was her name?  Ah!  Monica."*

"Gosh...  Why is he so kind?"  I thought to myself as I wiped my drippy nose with the sleeve of my cardigan.  I was feeling quite un-pretty because of my cold but he looked so nice in his long-sleeve plaid and jeans.  Quite farmer-like in his get-up, but looked so ruggedly tall and handsome- not unlike Jonathan Scott from HGTVs "Property Brothers," my other BF on screen  (heehee!)

Then, the event closed.  I left through the other exit of the cafe, with no good-byes.

Despite my gushing, I know I am not yet ready for a relationship...  Seriously!  (And I'm not trying to make the "grapes" look sour.)  There are a few things I need to grow on before I decide to be with someone: patience and peace with my emotions and my self-worth.  And... I am not ready to shop for someone else yet!  Hahaha!

My church sister prayed a beautiful prayer for me in which she talked about patience and self-worth.  I cried because that's exactly what I was praying for.

So, if it's Mr. Friend/Crush, only God knows and time will tell.  I am fine with that.  If it's not him, HOORAY to the world!

*Name of person has been changed for her protection

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