Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Shinny Puffy 3 Tone in Brown Review

The Shinny Puffy 3 Tone series is SUPER comfortable!  SUPER fave!  SUPER love!

That's it!

This review is done and I hope I already got you sold on that!
Just kidding! ^0^

Of course, I will be much more thorough than that.  I've just set the tone for the rest of this review: MAJOR plus+++

I got mine from if you don't already know me (that I ♥ shopping with them).  ^-^  They sell a variety of contact lenses and Asian beauty products.  They do a great job of servicing internationally and spoil their customers with freebies.  I got more hair velcro, by the way (-.-)  Hehehe!

Let's go on to the review!

Shinny Aqua (aka Dueba Puffy 3 Tone Aqua) Review

Usage modality:  Yearly
Base curve:  8.6 mm
Diameter:  14.5 mm
Water content:  38%

4/5  Interestingly, it was not the brown that I expected.  I am becoming more accustomed to the color, and to be honest, I love it!  It just shocked me when I first wore these lenses that they looked "Twilight"-ish (golden.)  Anyway, this color can make dark brown eyes look lighter.  

5/5  Like Shinny Aqua, I really like this design.  It looks beautiful and not overbearingly exaggerated.  Almost natural, but gives the eyes more sparkle.

4/5  It will significantly enlarge the eyes (see photo comparison below) but because of the design, these would not make the eyes look too unnatural.  Yes, it can still be "dolly" but will not make the eyes look so lifeless.  (I hope you understood that.  Hehe!)  To know how I try to rate lens sizes objectively, click on the big flower:

5/5  It's AMAZING how I don't even feel these in my eyes for about 5 hours and more.  From time to time, it is advisable to put on eye drops to prevent reddening of the eyes like my photos below.  My contacts did not feel dried out, but since eyes still need to breathe, it's just right to hydrate them.  Remember that dryness can strain your eyes and this may cause them to blur, according to my eye doctor.  I've had this lenses for around 2-3 months already for this review.

5/5  I've just had such a love-fest with these lenses because they are very pretty and mighty comfortable!  That's it!  And that's saying a lot!

Top: Without
Middle: R: Without L: With
Bottom: Without

Photo taken in natural light.
What's wrong with this photo?  I'm missing an earring!  hahaha!
I'm sorry for the spaghetti strap.  I am not mahalay, ok? >.<
Just lazy.  Too lazy to throw on a cardigan on such a hot weather.
But see?  I saved you from unnecessary trauma a cleavage may ensue!
:D Haha!

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