Thursday, 26 January 2012

BBCB Package

Guess who has time to blog about little pleasantries of life?  Me! :3 chuuu~

My package came in from BB cream boutique ( after 10 days of ordering.  Yay!  Who loves those boxes coming in from the mail?  Me!

Skin Food Tomato Whitening Emulsion and Toner,
Etude House Dream On Foundation, Etude House Model Shade,
and freebie mask.  The cellphone strap wasn't part of the order; just
had to include it because it matched.  Don't cha think so?  Heehee!

Cool packaging: classic soda pop bottles ^.^

Something to play with~

That bottle cap was what caught my eyes ~

For those of you who appreciate my writing for more profound topics, I'm sorry you are flooded with my cosmetic reviews :( I wanted to talk about topics closer to my heart but it takes so much more careful thought :P  Please bear with me! ^0^ 

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