Sunday, 8 January 2012

First Work Week From Christmas Break

It's been a good week!  Even at work!  Yes, I said that already but it's elating because I loooooove, with a cherry on top, vacation, and I just can't be thankful enough that I really enjoyed work right after my precious break.^-^
Here are some of the things I've been doing during the week:

Gen-gen, my tabby, is crazy about her teddy bunny.  It's so cute how she's
trying to drag it in her playpen (shoebox).

Treated myself to some nom-noms~

Hello Kitty for my car.
I had a hard time scouring the island for HK!
 Stores are still trying to restock.  I found her finally
at Macy's, and the price was right.  Seriously, some
stores totally hike-up on this darling.

One of my beautiful 언니 gave me these
nailpolishes!  Yay!  Prowide brush!
Some swatches.  I'm painting my nails in the morning.

She gave this, too.  Smells so yum^o^
 >.< Ooo!  I really want a new camera soon!  But patience is a virtue, yah?  I promised myself that I would spend my $$$ on Gen-Gen and her sister first.  They don't have their mommy and they were born in the jungles, but Gen-Gen found her way into our hearts. ♥ Her sister needs a little more time convincing, though.  But I hope she gets convinced soon!  They need to gets the rest of their shots, and to get spayed so they don't have to be thinking about having any babies... ever.  Hence, I have to submit to buying that Panasonic with Leica lens for my birthday instead T^T  And that is a little far.  A new model would have come out by then... wait! which may be a good thing :)
My father also said that he'll build me a white box and buy me new lamps so I can take better photos.  I am a total newbie about photography, and my parents have been incredible supportive.  My parents are the sweetest! ^3^ ~♥
Anyway, I am really ready to conk out!  So, good night for now!  Until next time!

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