Monday, 16 January 2012

Things of Yesterday

Yesterday was a good day and I spent it with the fam-bam!  Awesome!

But I didn't want to spend $$, though!  T___T  But there was this cute sweater in the window, and, and, and... I felt because I bought my coworker's baby a pretty little dress, I should buy myself one, too!
Just keedeeng!  ^o^  I didn't feel that way, but I thought the sweater and the dress were too cute to pass up.  So, here they are :)
ごめん for the bleeding red color >.<

Uber cute detail!  This is why~ T^T  I shall
call this my "Scrapbook Sweater" :p

Becoming more fond of those Geo Mimi Cafe's

OOTD on Saturday:
Ah... dress and boots~  In the tropics!♡
Cheeeezu! ✌
 I eventually wore the new dress and sweater combo for church on Sunday with my camel-colored boots.  >.< Boots are my super likes!  -___- meh...  I'm not this materialistic, really...

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