Saturday, 14 January 2012

Good Food

I ♥ Food!

I don't know if I am a foodie because I wouldn't know how to define that, but I just like eating :d  Although I have to be careful because exercising is hard to do (T___T), it's nice to go out and spend time with good food and good people~  Hehehe...

Thursday, I got my "chow on" :D at Chowon, a Korean restaurant at the DNA plaza in front of Cost-U-Less.  The meal begins with not 4... not 5... but 8 반찬 (side dishes)!  They used to serve a salad with a really delightful dressing, but they've stopped and I don't know why.  Enough with the talk.  It's time to drool :d~

오징어 볶음 (Spicy squid stir-fry).  So delicious!

♥ Thai food also~ ^.^  So my family and I went to get that on Friday for dinner.  We ate at one of my favorite Thai restaurants.   Chaopraya, it's called.  It's across Alupang Beach Resort.

Lovely, but I bit into a pepper and ended up gulping
down 2 glasses of iced tea T^T  

That peanut sauce is simply heavenly :)

Didn't take so many photos because we're too hungry to be playing around with the camera!  Heehee...

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