Thursday, 26 January 2012

Things to Advocate and Leaders Cell Energy Serum Review

Woe to the world of status updates, one-minute videos, and photo captions!

I was looking at several blogs for the past few days trying to learn photo techniques and the wordier they were, the more unappealing they were to me.  I totally went ADD and skipped to photo captions!

O.O  Noooo!  Reading is good for us!  Writing is good for us!  Lest we become the very tragedy that Fahrenheit 451 prophesied about. If I write and gab, we should read diligently!

Haha!  Sorry for going a little nuts there.

I have actually been a little too busy to write the reviews that I had long ago promised (ごめん), and taking photos and editing is sometimes a pain in the buh-hind.  Don't get me wrong~  I'd love to write these sweet nothings, but there are only 24 hours in a day with much of them I want to dedicate to sleep!  Hahahoo! >O<

The truth of my busyness is that it's the end of the semester for my kids and grades are due.  Actually, they're due tomorrow, but know what???  I am a GOOD girl and finished them yesterday!  Hoho! :D

 So, I digress...

Here we go for my brief review on this really rad product that I found around my Ma's vanity:

Leaders Cell Energy Serum

One of my Korean 언니 gifted my Ma with this serum.  I think it's only found in Korea so far, unless the company has other branches that I don't know about.  (But sheesh... it's information that I am not an expert about so don't quote me on that).  Anyway, Ma is not as much of a fussy woman as I am, so I took it from her, with permission of course, made use of it, and thought it was just AMAZING!

Formula was light and will not weigh down with moisturizer and make-up.  Apply at night, and it really helps make-up stick even better.

Pros: it gives the skin an instant healthy glow and makes the face so supple.  I really like to put it on at night as it allows the make-up to stay a little longer and a little better.

Cons: it's not easy to come by since Leaders has no base in the US.  Also, when I found a site (in Korean), from what I could deduce with my ultra limited Korean, the product is expensive: $100+.  Lastly, I am not sure if it's the serum, any other products that I have slather on my face, or "the monthly visitor" but as you can see from the photos, I have a couple of breakouts.  If I use this product more religiously, which I haven't been doing these days, I may find out the reason for my breakouts.

Conclusion: I thought this is a very good product.  I am not sure if I can get it again, unless I take a trip to Korea, but certainly there are alternatives that should be available locally, such as Shu Uemura, O Hui, and Lancome.  I think spending a little bit more on anti-aging products is a decent investment because you do get what you pay for.  If that's not your way of doing things, that's ok because the heart♥ is the most important part of beauty rather than the external! ^__^

No Photoshop here!  I didn't touch up on my make-up during the whole
 day at work (eww), but as you can see my skin is nice and bright,
although a little oily, and my make-up is not a bleeding mess.

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