Sunday, 8 January 2012

Call Me What...?

Ooooy! >.<  I want to write more posts on more profound subjects that have been on my mind lately.  (But it may chase you all away T___T  Hahaha!)  But it can be a little difficult to actually sit, think, research, and write.  Writing is what my professor called a pharmakon, a poison and a cure, a double-edged sword.  It allows writers to both express themselves and experience some sort of catharsis (which at many times can be healthy, I believe), but at the same time, writing forces people to think beyond the level that they have been comfortable with.  And that's only the start.  There is also the effort of putting thoughts into paper, and as long as someone else is reading, writers cannot write completely for themselves and should be mindful of that.  Finally, the products of their writing hurl them into a spotlight, shining light to the fact that there are thoughts in people; alas, throwing themselves into sad vulnerability.

Am I a writer, a blogger?  Under any moniker???  Right now, I have NO idea :S  I am merely someone trying to get a start on something that I've always wanted to do but haven't been able to: to read and to write.  These writings may not always be the product of profound, earth-shaking, soul-seeking thought.  You may laugh at this blog's identity crisis!  I'll laugh along with you.  But that's ok!  We'll figure this out together!   ^_^

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