Sunday, 8 January 2012


Dear reader, before you continue to read this post, I hope you are happy, and that by reading this, you will not become sad because of me.  I was hesitant to publish this, but because I finished, I thought I might as well post it.  May you have hope and joy always!  God bless!  

After the short burst of energetic posting, reality finally caught up with me!  I miss writing~ ^^  The great thing about being a teacher is the long vacations so I was able to write almost everyday, but alas, I had to go back to work and let this blog rest for the weekdays.  I want to change that, though, because I have so much to talk about.  Without writing the ideas down, the ideas get sucked in a vortex and never make it to print. :S

So, how's everyone?  I hope that everyone's had a good week :)  I had a good one at work; there's something really gratifying about teaching.  I hope my students find there's also something really gratifying about learning.  ^^

But sometimes when I am back at home, I would be beyond the verge of tears.  I am still coping with something that happened late last year...  I've tried to forgive myself, but I feel incomplete since I am still seeking for the forgiveness of the person I've hurt.  I am praying that someday, this person would seek my forgiveness, too, and there could be peace between us.

And that's one of the reasons I started this blog: to find a place to pour out honestly without having others from my small world to have to know about what I am going through right now...

*Sighs*  I hope I didn't depress you, too...  hehehe...

Anyway...!  On a lighter note: I will be posting some photos of things that I have done during the week. SO.....  let's smile and bring in the good days to come with a more positive attitude and a brighter outlook (traits I am currently working on!)  ^_________^ (Kim-cheese~)

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